Monetize Your Pa$$ion for a Kicka$$ Life 

Module 1 - My Story and Welcome 

Stay tuned to see exactly how to turn your career path trading time for wages approaches on its head... and live your kicka$$ life by following your pa$$ion!

I wanted to provide a brief self-introduction and particularly Welcome to the Monetize Your Pa$$ion for a Kicka$$ Life course.  One thing...I am a slow-talker from you might want to change the speed on the videos to compensate for that...I find that you ought to be able to do that and still get the content.  After all, I did edit and listen to myself present the course content, which is unique in all the world because I took 30 years compiling and synthesizing the information for you.

Another heads up is my use of ellipses.  I borrowed that habit from Sir Winston you were warned...  


Dutch Driver